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Communication and advertising agency in France

What we do

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INTERNOTS, the communication and advertising agency specializing in the creation of innovative and effective advertising campaigns for companies and brands. We offer consulting, graphic design and showcase and e-commerce website creation services to help you achieve your goals.

Ways to grow your business

Find out how to grow your business with practical tips and strategies. Learn how to manage your budget, find clients and promote your brand.

Communication and advertising agency in France Find out how to grow your business with practical tips and strategies. Learn how to manage your budget, find clients and promote your brand.

We're not your usual digital marketing agency, but we want to achieve your usual goals following this plan:

Internots communication agency in France

  • Auditing your digital marketing campaigns and ads on traditional channels (TV, Radio, Magazines, Web banners, …)
  • Setting your marketing goals, telling you where you should be positioned and coming up with tailored strategies to penetrate whatever market you want
  • Predicting the next trend, creating new ones and riding the coming ones, with creative content driven by innovative ideas and most unpredictable scheduling strategies that will surprise the algorithms.
  • Adding an artistic touch in the content creation formula (Copywriting, filming, videography, shooting sessions, etc).
  • Data Analysis and comprehensive reports that cover all the statistics that matter, keeping you updated about ongoing campaigns.

Internots is a digital marketing agency with a mission to help businesses and projects around the world to grow using AI analytics, Big Data, IoT, Blockchain, and strategic planning.


The 5 steps needed for better online presence



We analyze your business and create comprehensive performance reports, making the decision-making a lot easier. We start by measurable data to define the weaknesses and create an effective plan to achieve your goals.



We set a performance-focused marketing strategy, choosing the most suitable social media channels for your business. We define your KPIs and focus on all metrics and dimensions to define the next route to take, with custom-made plans and steps to take.



Do you think your website, social media channels and content are ready to represent your business? We take care of all aspects related to the branding process, creating websites, logos, slogans, and all types of content according to an already established strategy.



Our strategists and content creators collaborate to create engaging content that tells people about your business in the most innovative way. We expose your ads to generate positive reactions and contribute to your business’s success.



We believe that if it’s not measurable, it won’t work, which explains by our data-driven approach in handling your marketing campaigns. We identify patterns that determine your business’ strategic, financial and operational progress compared to others using accurate KPIs.

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